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We are the first “Compro Oro” room in Valencia

If you’re looking for the best place to buy gold and jewellery, you’ve already found it.
Gema Auctions is the first “Compro Oro” room founded in Valencia. We have a long history in this sector and we differ from the competition as from our staff is made up of professional appraisers with extensive experience in buying and selling gold and jewellery.
In addition, we offer our customers a completely free valuation of their pieces, without any type of commitment and total confidentiality.
We accept all types of products: gold, silver, jewellery, watches, diamonds or antiques.

How does our “Compro Oro” service work?

If you have pieces of gold, silver, jewellery, diamonds or antiques that you don’t use and you want to get a return on them, the best option is to bring them to our “Compro Oro” store, where we will perform the following valuation process:

Our experts analyse the piece to determine its entire composition.

The weight of all the material is obtained by means of our approved scales.This process is always carried out in front of the customer so that they can verify the weighing result.

The purity of the raw material of each component is analysed using the touch stone/acid touch method, in addition to using a densimeter for solid jewellery.

With all this information, the total value of the piece is calculated according to the market price.

If the customer is satisfied with the valuation of the piece we will proceed to payment by the agreed method.

Sell Gold Online


Get to know the value of your jewellery and objects with our online appraisal system.

Another method we offer to buy your gold, jewellery or diamonds is our Online Gold Selling service.
From our website, by filling in a simple form, you can send us a photograph of your pieces so that our appraisers can carry out an initial valuation of your product.

Sell your Gold from home

We also offer our customers a Sell Gold from Home service for those cases in which they want to sell products of very high value and the customer doesn’t want to run the risk of moving the piece.If the customer requests it, our staff can travel to their house and carry out the valuation there.

What kind of products can you sell?

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